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~*~ TIKI ~*~



Tiki is doing just fine. Still a puppy at heart, she is affectionate and endearing. She is very smart and sits on command and even anticipates when she should. She is all about attention and we give it to her. She is a great hot water bottle on cold nights and wakes us when she has to go outside. She loves our other dog and really loves my Daughter. We are so happy to have her as a member of a family. I am currently looking for a saddle for her as she is growing in leaps and bounds. She is a keeper. Tiki is a wonderful dog and you did a fantastic job with her. Rest assured, she is happy and well cared for. Thanks so much for allowing us to possess such a great spirited family member.

Forever grateful,

Chris and Lisa Van Blaricome
Centerville, Iowa




~*~MARLEY JADE on the right w/sis MYA on the left~*~





Miss Marley Jade was brought into my life at the most perfect time. She has brougt me so much happiness and is trully my best friend . She is head strong but is so in tune with people emotions . If you cry she will come cry with you and will have you hold her till you are done. I feel so fortuate to have such a wonderful animal. She is fiercely loyal and even with all her hyperness she listens so well. She is goofy as most boxers are but her favorite thing to do is flips she will come sit up against me and put her head to the ground and just flip hahaha it is pretty hilarious. I thank South Side Boxers for the care they put into their animals and they care they have shown me. My dogs are my life and with South Side Boxer they have shown that their dogs come first . That they care where their precious little babies go and I thank you for giving me my precious Marley girl <3 I couldn't be happier. Lena Anderson~




~*~ Mr. Frasier (R.I.P Christmas Tree) ~*~





Hi Becky,

Frazier is doing great! We couldn't be any happier with him. While trying to 'socialize' him the last few months he has been around both Jamie and I's friends and families almost every weekend. They all adore him! He plays great with all the other dogs he has met (both big and small). It is really incredible how boxers have a keen sense for babies and toddlers. My 2,4, and 5 year old nephews have enjoyed lots of time with him. He is allows really mellow around small children and loves to snuggle up close with them. He is also a great running partner! We go jogging with him almost every day and he just loves running by our side. He has definitely exceeded any expectations we had about getting our first dog and we are looking forward to the coming years with him. I've been telling anyone who asks how great it was to do business with you and that if they are interested in purchasing a beautiful boxer puppy from a knowledgeable and caring breeder then South Side Boxers is the place to go!

Feel free to use any or all of this email on your website. I think Jamie said she sent you a couple pictures (we have taken about a million :-)