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[SouthSide Boxers]

ALL parties will agree and adhere to this contract when using our Stud Services for their Dams.




All Items listed, Must be checked before Mating.




Sire Owner Agrees to the terms listed below


 We will provide a current STD test on the male of choice.


We will provide a copy of the Studs current vaccination schedule.


 We guarantee the female will be bred three times under close supervision.


A decision has been made on monetary or pick of the litter for compensation.


We will not release our Studs’ AKC number until your balance is paid in full or we have received our puppy.


We are not responsible for problems with the litter unless proven genetic, by a vet of our choice in your area, and at the Dams owners’ expense.





You will provide a current STD test on the Dam before she comes in contact with our Stud.


You will show proof of current vaccinations before The Dam will be allowed on our property.


Half of the STUD FEE will be due on drop off. Unless we have agreed to take pick of the litter.


You will keep us notified of the Dams health throughout the entire pregnancy.


Between 30-40 days after breeding, you will take the Dam in for an Ultrasound and send us proof of pregnancy and expected puppies from a licensed vet.


When puppies are born you will send us pictures and descriptions of coloring, sex, and weight of said puppies.

Litter Expectations


Dam owner will take puppies to the Vet within 3 days after birth to have tails and dewclaws removed.


Dam owner will make sure puppies are guarded against internal and external parasites as recommended by their own Vet.


Dam owner will ensure puppies be kept in a clean and safe environment.


Dam owner will properly Vet and vaccinate puppies on the recommended schedule.




If we have accepted pick of the litter for the stud fee, Dam owner will ensure the puppy we picked is transferred to us at 8 weeks of age with a current health certificate from a licensed vet and a written guarantee of health for 2 years. If anything genetic from the Dam is proven in the puppy, Dam owner will pay the balance of the stud fee immediately.


Dam owner agrees to pass on all contact information of new owners for puppies sold out of the litter our Stud sires.



This contract is a legally binding agreement between the stud and dam owners listed below. If there is a confirmed pregnancy through the dam owners vet, SouthSide Boxers will not be responsible for miscarriage or any other problems with the viable pregnancy. The dam owner is solely responsible for the care of the dam and the litter. No refunds will be issued for loss of puppies and the dam owner will be responsible for paying the entire stud fee in a timely manner if something happens to the pick of the litter puppy that the stud owner has picked. (unless, otherwise proven to be genetic from the studs side)





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 DAM OWNER: __________________________




 WITNESS: __________________________